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My Failing Body Strikes Again!

Not only was I diagnosed with two auto-immune diseases, and suspected of having a third disease, now I have been told that I have a brain malformation that's fairly serious. Huzzah!

Last week my heart started pounding. Not unusual, but instead of galloping like a frightened circus pony for a few minutes and then suddenly stopping, it didn't stop. Every time I stood up I felt faint. My vision would go tunnel-y and gray. My extremities were tingling. I was urged by a nurse to dial 9-1-1 but I laugh in the face of danger. Hardy har har! The next morning I woke up with my vision doubled.

Fearing I'd done irreparable harm to myself (hardy... har?) I went to the urgent care. Still, I thought, it's probably nothing to worry about. I'm fine. My body is just weird, that's all.

Long story short(er): my driving privileges are suspended, my work privileges are suspended, I had a nightmarish MRI, and instructions to speak with a neurosurgeon. I learned through my amazing Google-fu skills what I am being diagnosed with is Arnold-Chiari Malformation. It's a congenital thing. The part of my brain near the hole in my skull is too big and crowding the brain stem. My dad AND my husband joked that they knew I was smart, but not so smart my brain was growing out of my skull. HAH, thanks a lot. Anyway, this crowding causes the cerebral spinal fluid to back up in my head, causing hypertension in my brain. It causes all kind of delightful effects, including vision impairment, dizziness, fainting, heart palpitations, nausea, etc., etc.

I feel betrayed, yet again, by my body. And now I have two or three weeks to dwell on it, thanks to slow doctors, fainting spells and bad eyesight. I'm bored, frustrated, scared. Sometimes my husband understands, sometimes he doesn't. He's trying the best he can but he doesn't deserve this any more than I do.

Man, my job is going to be PISSED if I have to have brain surgery! Think of the recovery time on that!
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